Neverwinter Nights - Installation problem

Hey ! I get this error when trying to install NWN on my Xubuntu machine : I can’t move /home/USER/.cache/lutris/installer/neverwinter-nights/tmp/nwn/game/ambient, it does not exist .

What might be the issue?


Did you check out my thread?

Make sure you have unrar or unar installed and also make sure you are not running out of disk space.

Otherwise it installs fine and works flawlessly.

Hi SteamTuxer, yes I did, and i did have both installed (had innolux installed before). I still have 180 GB disk space, so that shouldnt be an issue.

The setup file name is setup_nwn_diamond.exe. Can it be that its because of the ‘wrong’ file name?

I even renamed the original installer file to your filename (solved some issues in the past), still doesnt work :frowning:

Hmmm curious. I would recommend you follow the steps I did debugging it and run innoextract by hand and seeing where it barfs.

Really should not be a problem unless the setup file is corrupt somehow. Did you get it from GOG?

For the record my setup file has an md5 hash of

cd809b9d22022adb01b0d1d70c5afa8e setup_nwn_diamond_2.1.0.21.exe

Of course that is no use if you don’t have the diamond edition.