NeverWinter Nights GOG Version


First I would like to state that I am clueless as to anything Linux… I am a long time Windows user and I recently decided to move to Linux completely by mistake but I really do love Ubuntu and things are doing pretty well for me - I didn’t need to “hack” my way into anything and basically every software that I owned in Windows I have for Linux [or something parallel]

I recently downloaded and installed [via Lutris] NWN GOG edition. The game installed fine and besides the movies that doesn’t run everything went pretty smooth and game runs on a steady stable frame rate. BUT I have a graphical glitch that doesn’t go away no matter what graphic settings I am trying to adjust the game to. see img below:

Just in case you can’t see in the image - the characters and all the avatars have texture issues [same things also happen with any usable object in the world… chests, doors etc

Can anyone offer help with this? Keep in mind that I am completely clueless to Linux and I have no idea regarding which command does what… I know there’s a terminal, and i have seen that sudo gives you admin privileges but that’s about it - one of the strong points that I was told about regrading Linux is that the community is very helpful and kind - let’s hope I am not wrong on this :slight_smile: Thank you all in advance

The tech info I can give is that I have Ubuntu 18.04
The machine I am using is a Lenovo x200 mostly factory settings bedies an SSD and 4gb of ddr3 ram

Is this the original classic edition or the new remastered release? Not sure if that will matter. I have never seen that issue

The game is made for linux/mac/win native and does not require wine or anything else to play (never looked at the GoG version). I still have my original disc copies and 3 sets of CD keys from when we used to run our own server.

The new remaster is available on Steam and should have no issues. Which now that you have reminded me I will likely go ahead and buy after sending this.

Thanks for the reply [and I think I should ask beamdog for royalties regarding your last statement? :P]
Either way, I am using the Diamond GOG version - funny enough I am using the linux native version so it’s not Wine based nor anything [.sh file]

I think it has something to do with my GPU? according to Lenovo’s website the GPU is:
intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (GMA 4500MHD), in GM45

Maybe this causes the issue?

That is a possibility but not anything I would expect to be an issue if it is just a copy of the original. That GPU should be more than capable to playing NWN with no issues considering the recommended specs of the game when it was out but you never know.

Maybe you can get the $1.27 I was charged for taxes LOL. Game is on the dl right now

Maybe I’ll buy it too… Wonder if optimization was part of the enhancing process

Hi there,

As far as I remember that texture problem was there since release with certain graphic card drivers or models, or sort of, it was many years ago but I remember having that same issues and resolving it… May be switching to an AMD or fixing the problem already with that one… Can’t recall it well. So I’ll bet its not wine related.
I would suggest running the game on Virtual Box with Windows, it will probably go smooth and with no issues, or switching to the new edition :wink: Beamdog deserves the support xD

So just a small update here. The Steam EE version did not work at all. Game crashed upon mod loading. I did however speak with one of the developers on the issue and submitted 6 crash files. They have since told me the problem should be resolved on the next public update release. Can not give me an expected date and as of this post, still not updated