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Need help to understand some Lutris Features

Hello, i am brand new in Lutris, and i need help to understand some features to improve my gaming experience:
Lutris 5.0 wine version is better or worse than wine 5.1 staging?
Enabling both DXVK and D9VK can make games worse?
Do i need to change xinput architecture in wine and wine steam for each game i want to play or leave it at default?
What is x360ce?
ge-protonified and tkg-protonified are outdated wine prefixes?
NVIDIA prime render is good?

1)D9VK is now part of DXVK.
2)Lutris helps with the installation of games and the easy configuration of compatibility layers such as
Wine to work with those games… so better.
3)Xinput go for default and if needed modify.
4)there are games that work best with older versions of lutris/wine.
5) I use AMD …
6)X 360(Xbox 360 Controller Emulator) allows your controller (gamepad, joystick, wheel, …), function as “Xbox 360 Controller”. For example, lets you play games such as “Grand Theft Auto” (GTA) or “Mafia II” using Logitech Wheel.

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Thanks for helping me!
Now i understand Lutris better.

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