Need help installing

Hello guys. I’ve tried installing the application via Lutris, the All-In-One version with all tweaks for all games enabled. However, when I click “Install”, Lutrix stops me saying that “Wine is not available for the x86_64 architecture”.
How can I get past this?

I also noted there are dependencies to download beforehand and something called DXVK to be properly set up. Anyone can guide me on this? Thanks a bunch!

I experience the same problem. While looking through the lutris-script I noticed that the install runs with esync-3.14-x86_64, something which seems to be entirely different from the regular wine-staging build you see on AUR, for example. Perhaps this is a missing dependency which causes the install to fail? I’m still quite a newb at these things, so some guidance would indeed be much appreciated!

Succes, when I went to the preferences of Lutris >> clicked ‘Manage versions’ of wine >> selected ‘wine-staging-3.14’ >> let the newer wine-version update fully, the install continues! You have to update your installed wine-version in Lutris to the newest before the updated script of Dox will work.

Yeah there was a problem with the esync build earlier. It should be fixed afaik.