Need help from a moderator

I need help from a moderator:

  • to rename a game page:
    please add a “s” to gladiators, in the url and page name, thanks.
  • to accept a script I wrote several weeks ago. I wrote this script for linux gamers that own the Heretic II windows version. This version is superior to the linux native one, because of the patch 1.06 that enhanced graphics, support widescreen and correct some bugs. I’m in contact with the Facebook Heretic II moderator that wait to test this script, with others users. I asked him to wait for several weeks now, could you validate this script? Thanks.

Changing the game title can be done in the “suggest changes” form, BTW. Though I guess it won’t affect the game id/URL…
Also, there’s a typo in the URL (Ihttps is not a valid protocol) :slight_smile:

If this can not be corrected, I will create a new page (thanks for the typo ;))