Need for speed Heat - Car always steers left!


Turns out there was a ‘USB Gaming mouse’ entry in the Game Controllers section of WINE which I didn’t realise shouldn’t have been there. All I had to do was disable it and the issue was gone.

Original post:

My car keeps steering to the left for some reason…

I’ve tried playing the game with the keyboard only (no controllers plugged in) and the car always steers to the left and the cursor on the map always goes left & up (North-West direction). I’ve also tried with two different Xbox 360 controllers plugged in (which both work fine in all my other games) with the maximum deadzone setting and the same thing happens. However, with the controllers, I can cancel out the car steering left by holding down any other button on the controller.

So, the issue is not to do with my controllers seeing as it happens even when they’re not plugged in. It’s only this game that does this for me so it’s something specific to it. Does anyone know why this happens?