Need For Speed (2015) - Incorrect language issue?

I’m unable to play Need For Speed (2015) due to this message that appears everytime I launch the game:

"The Origin account currently logged in does not have access to the installed language for this game. Please reinstall the game in an allowed language or log in with a different account".

I bought the game direct from the Origin store in my region so it’s not a region restriction issue (Confirmed with Origin support).

So, I uninstalled Origin from the prefix, deleted all EA & Origin files (Stuff in ProgramData, AppData etc), reinstalled Origin, did a repair on the game and tried again. I tried changing the language of the Origin application and the game to other languages & then back to English. I even did a complete fresh install in a new prefix but the problem persists. I’m not using a VPN or proxy servers, just connecting directly.

I’m out of ideas here! Does anyone know why it keeps doing this?

Also, can anyone confirm that they have this game, Need For Speed Payback or Need For Speed Heat working as I might try one of those instead?


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Here one recommends to not only reinstall but completely re-downloading the origin installer. Another says that he changed his language preference in his online account to have it match with the game.

This one is also interesting:

Thanks for the reply.

I had been through those EA forums, Reddit etc… loads before posting here. I tried so many things but nothing worked. I figured it was just some issue with running it via WINE, even though people seemed to have had it working previously.

Anyway, I gave up in the end and just got a refund. I will try again with the newest game at some point though so I will find this thread and check your links again. I hadn’t actually seen that solution in your second link before so maybe it’s the one I needed/will need!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

I totally feel your frustration with this Need For Speed language issue. Dealing with those annoying technical glitches can really put a damper on the gaming experience. I’ve had my fair share of head-scratching moments like this. Your dedication to troubleshooting is commendable, seriously!

Regarding your problem, it’s bizarre that even Origin support couldn’t sort this out. It sounds like you’ve already gone the extra mile with reinstalling, repairing, and language changes. One last shot you might consider is checking your Windows region settings – sometimes that can interact weirdly with game settings.

As for my experience, I haven’t encountered this exact issue, but I can share that Need For Speed Payback and Heat have been working fine for me. They might be worth a shot if you’re running out of patience with this one.

Big shoutout to the author – hang in there! Tech troubles are rough, but with this level of determination, you’ll likely solve it. Sometimes reaching out on the official game forums could yield some helpful insights from the community or devs.