Native Linux games on CD - installation

Lutris could help install games by special script and there were install from installer on CD possibility (calculate checksum and compares it with db content, as far as I know), but what if app is not in db?

My suggestion is to integrate this cases with flatpak and prepares runtimes for each year or some other time period. Lutris will look, when CD was created. I think, that ISO standard allows to save this data, but I cannot check this. For example - if game was released on 20.03.1994, it will download distro available on this time period, install and asks user to test it. If app do not worked, it download another distro, install by flatpak and asks for test.

Meanwhile, giving user possibility to do these autotest will speed up Lutris advantage. You could simply add checksum to db and associate it with distro it works for most people. If there exist 1000 (for example) reports that it works on Ubuntu ****** ******, we could create script for new users.
What do you think?

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