Myth III the wolf age

I made the installation script for the game Myth III the wolf age.
I see a strange behaviour: I did not find this game searching it on Lutris web site, instead I found it searching it inside the Lutris program, I mean if a use “myth” as a search string.
Also I do not know how to add an icon to the program list.
Can you help me with these issues?

Some game entries haven’t been confirmed by a moderator since being added; to show these in the website search, you’ll have to enable the “Show unpublished games” filter. Lutris client search appears to include these games.

What do you mean by that? External shortcut? There’s an option to create a desktop/menu shortcut in a game link menu; try one of those.

Thank you for the explanation.

Sorry for my poor explanation: I wanted to add an icon that is missing from Lutris client, instead of it there is a big “?”

The icon can be changed in the game link config. Though I had it overridden by Lutris immediately when I tried to set up at some point, so not sure if it’ll work.