Myth II: Soulblighter Extras Identification Issue

Hello. There seems to be a small issue regarding the installation of the various Myth II extras; Chimera campaign, Detail Texture Pack, HD movies, and the Myth: TFL: solo campaign. Each of these installers require ‘myth-ii-soulblighter-cd’, however the CD install identification is listed as ‘myth-ii-soulblighter’. I was able to install the CD and the Project Magma 1.8 patch with no issues. I am unable to change the identification of Myth II to the requisite identifier for the extras, and the installation prompt asking if I would like to install ‘myth-ii-soulblighter-cd’ fails completely. I suppose they just need to be updated to match the new id.

lutris --submit-issue output: Ubuntu Pastebin
lutris -d output: Ubuntu Pastebin

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