My games say running for a few seconds than close

when i try playing games on lutris they say running than they close. earlier today my games would say “loading vulkan shaders” than after 100% close. i wanna play helldivers :frowning:

I have this issue too, Trying to play starfield. I can launch Krita (the steam version) without issues. However starfield launches builds the shaders then at 100% it just stops. I have taken suggestions adding additional run time commands in the config but still same issues. I am using an AMD 5950x and a Nvidia 4070. 32GB ram and its on an m.2 2TB hard drive. V rising runs too. But starfield just times out after the shaders and the play button on steam goes back to click play.

Any ideas?

Forgot to Mention, I am running the latest build of Linux Mint. Also I have manually downloaded through command line the latest 535 drivers.

@FlamestrykeTV Try installing 32-bit wine: sudo apt install wine
If that doesn’t work: sudo apt install wine32

That’s what does the trick for me, although on Ubuntu and for some other games and apps.

@achip This may work for you too, but I’m only guessing without knowing anything about your system…

In lutris, check what version is running in About Lutris - also, you will need to install the dependencies (wine like above plus a few more) and the full set of vulkan dependencies. These are found on the lutris (I can not install - #2 by OJ1) - for Mint 21.3 you can ignore the warning that is just for Mint 21.0 and .1 - also your choice if you want to add the graphics-drivers PPA - unless you have a 40 series card, I would say not worth it. Reboot after these updates.

If you have anything other than lutris 0.5.17, you will need to install the latest version from → downloads and follow the Ubuntu link to the Git pages - right click-> open with gdebi after downloading the 0.5.17 deb file

Thanks for your help guys, with using the tips you all provided, Starfield is now working 100%, although through Lutris it still shuts down, after a few seconds, I managed to get it working directly through the steam launcher. The updates did the trick. Thanks!

If you are launching lutris through steam to make it work, you configured something incorrectly