My first installer - Dawn of War II - Retribution / The last stand

Hello Community,

I’m trying to write an installer for Retribution and The Last Standalone :wink:
Will be my first so have patience.

I’m trying to “translate” this guide:

Just because it worked for me and I need practise.

I’m so far:

appid: 22300

  • task:
    app: libary1
    name: winetricks
    prefix: $HOME/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix
  • task:
    app: libary2
    name: winetricks
    prefix: $HOME/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix

But now I’m serching for how to

  • Set wine version
  • Set resolution
  • Mouse capture
  • Disable gameoverlayrender

Can anyone help?

That’s a great starting point!

I would advice to start from a minimal install script containing only

    appid: 22300

You can then install the game and see how it runs. guides are often too detailed and contain steps that aren’t needed.

(Note: once you have the game installed on Steam, it will be much faster to test install scripts because you won’t have to install the game every time)

If you do have to install libraries with Winetricks, I strongly suggest not to interfere with the default prefix in .local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix, this is used for game that will run out of the box (and most games do).

If you need to create a prefix then add it in the game section:

    appid: 22300
    prefix: $GAMEDIR/prefix

this will create a prefix folder inside the game folder in SteamApps so if you delete it, you’re left with the original game.

To set the Windows version, there’s a task that will do that in Winetricks but it might be useless.
For the windowed mode, you can set that as a Lutris setting (it will be set in the Configuration dialog of the game)

    Desktop: true

Disabling (or setting to native) some dlls is done like this:

         gameoverlayrender: disable

you can set the windows version by adding a specific version to the winesteam section like:

    version: 1.9.5-i686

Only do that if you are 100% sure that the game does not work with the current latest version which is 1.9.19

Thanks, that’s kind of a basic lexicon :slight_smile:
One question. Is there a site out there where I have this commands like - in a dictionary?
So I don’t have to disturb you every time I have a question :slight_smile:

So thanks till now. I will have a look at Dawn of War (I also have Soulstorm and a few other packages here).

But when I test it with my own PC, how can I exclude that the problem is MY system itself? Because, for example and all Calssic Blizzard games don’t work with the provided installers (they simply don’t download, stuck at 0%).

We will try to cover every little detail on the Wiki.

Regarding Dawn of War, you’re lucky because some of the games will get a native version by the end of the week, no need to worry about Wine installers :smiley:

Also, I noticed that one of the games you submitted is a duplicate of the auto-imported Steam game, I’ll have to figure a way to merge those.

Yeah, I knew but the search function did’nt find them and there was no installer, so I submitted one. If I did any damage I want to apologize…

Which games get a native installer? Do you have a source?

No harm done, it will be quite easy to merge the 2 entries together :slight_smile:

For the native Warhammer games, see the announcement from Feral:

Ah, thank you :smiley: