My 5 minute probelm

HI Guys,

Can anyone confirm this issue:
(disclaimer, I have slow internet)
When I install a runner, if the runner is not downloaded within 5 minutes, Lutris closes without error.
Should I fire up a steam game and steam updates need to happen, it will run for 5 minutes then close.
(not the game, steam update)
I end up in loops as these things start over every time.

I first noticed these things in Ubuntu 16.04, so I switched to Solus.
But alas, the problem follows. If anything downloads and the game has not started yet within 5 min, whatever was open, just closes. (The Lutis main window stays open.)

Is there any fix I can try?

Thanks for your help!

We’ve started discussing this by email, this seems to be an actual bug.
I know there are some tools to throttle internet speed which I can use to simulate this behavior.
Or if anyone wants to give it a go and pinpoint the exact cause of the issue before I do it, you’re more than welcome :smiley:

Are there any logs I can look at maybe?

(Also I did not mention I am on Lutris 4.4.1 as per the solus repo’s)

Not really any logs, no.

A process is being monitored when it should be, I now have to find out where.

I have upped to the latest version of Lutris. Still there. Holding thumbs that you find the bug.

Runners download for me (very slowly like at 1Mbit) but gets killed with a connection error. Is this the same problem?