Mupen64plus runner unable to change settings

I am using the mupen64plus runner and all is well except the fullscreen effect. I have also installed mupen64plus on my computer separately from lutris and when I run this command in my terminal

mupen64plus --gfx --fullscreen "/home/user/Games/Nintendo 64/Mario Kart 64.n64"

It will launch the game in fullscreen and it will fill the screen, it will also use the glide64 plugin.

In lutris I installed the mupen64plus runner and when check off fullscreen it does go onto fullscreen mode but it will be squared as when I use the terminal it will be more stretched out. How do I get it to fill the screen?

I also tried adding -gfx to the command prefix field but when I do the runner will not launch the game. Is the mupen64plus runner not working anymore? I like mupen64plus over any other n64 emulator.

I’m not sure what distro your running but if its debian base, check out reto pie. It’s great and runs almost everything.

I have set the Custom Executable for the runner to /usr/bin/mupen64plus but it still use the rice video plugin even through when I run mupen64plus in the terminal or M64Py it will use glide64 plugin.

What I am after exactly is a arguements field. I do not have a arugements field for the mupen64plus runner but I was able to create a linux runner and was able to do this…


-gfx --fullscreen "/home/user/Games/Nintendo 64/Mario Kart 64.n64"

But the only issue when I do this it is st to be under the Linux platform and Linux runner, I would like it to be set under the N64 platform and the Mupen64plus runner. I cannot seem to add arguements to mupen64plus runners.