Multiple black screen for 3 seconds during gameplay - "Cache Pipeline Flush?"

During gameplay, sometimes the screen goes black for ~3 seconds, in the meanwhile the game works, inputs works, audio, everything except video, pitch black.
I’m no expert but reading the log there are 2 lines that repeats often, i think those are the moments the screen goes black:
info:vkd3d_pipeline_library_disk_thread_main: Flushing disk cache (wakeup counter since last flush = 83). It seems like application has stopped creating new PSOs for the time being.
info:vkd3d_pipeline_library_disk_thread_main: Pipeline cache marked dirty. Flush is scheduled.

What can i do? The game is Armored Core VI, which should run just fine, on proton db this is rated platinum, so I should get a perfect experience.
I’m new to the forum, please don’t be harsh if I omitted something :slight_smile:
I appreciate any help :pray:

complete log & lutris -d output:

Solved, disabling g-sync in the Nvidia driver software worked.