Multi-part installers; wine + scummvm/residualvm


Is it possible to have wine steps in a ResidualVM installer? I’m trying to write one for Escape from Monkey Island. I’ve got the gog wine version, but I thought it’d be neat if the installer:

  1. Created a temporary wine prefix
  2. Installed the windows version into the wine prefix
  3. Copied the game data somewhere else
  4. Deleted the wine prefix
  5. Configured ResidualVM to use the copied game data

Then, I could replicate the process for The Curse of Monkey Island as well, swapping Residualvm for SCUMMVM.


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I also just realized that a similar setup would cleaner for Heroes of Might and Magic II as well.

Currently install script uses Wine to run GoG installer and then runs Dosbox in Wine as well. Ideally Wine could only be used to run installer, and then native dosbox runner could be used to run extracted binaries.

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I’d also be interested in this feature. I’d like to run wine to install a dosbox game.

Well I succeeded to create a full DosBox installer for my use case now. But I’m sure there are other use cases where this feature would be very useful.