Multi-disk install scripts, "wine eject", and identifying mounted disks,

Has anyone written a Wine install script that deals with the issues of multiple install DVDs and CDs?

For example, I’ve manually installed Call of Duty 2 under Wine a few times from CD, and to do that I’ve had to manually issue the “wine eject” command, pop in a new CD, and then if I’m a little too quick hitting continue in the Windows installer dialog (the disk isn’t mounted yet) the Windows installer falters and I have to start all over again. As this game has 6 CDs, that gets a bit old even when doing it manually.

Currently, I have no good idea on how to automate that process or even manage it under Lutris.

Ideally, I’d like to see how others have handled multi-disk installations and if there are any solutions that can make it idiot proof. For example;

  • Have a list of disks,

  • Ask for the first disk.

  • Upon some status change, eject the disk and prompt for the next disk.

  • Ask for the next disk in Lutris and keep the Windows installation program from continuing before the disk is actually mounted.

Alternatively, have Lutris ask for each disk and use DD to copy the disk to an image and mount each image to a new drive letter before starting the Windows installer.


Do you have any updates on this topic? I’d love to create an installer too where I have two Discs and I want it to be completely automated by using a response file. But there’s the issue with the second disc…

I have written a script for Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, which has 3 discs. Basically, it asks for disc 1, copies its content to a directory, asks for disc 2, merges the content of the two discs and so on, you can repeat the process for as many discs as you want (for example, Phantasmagoria has 7). However, it only works if the game can be installed without actually requiring the discs to be inserted in order. InstallShield based setups like THUG2’s don’t ask for additional discs if all files are already available but it may not work with all games, it’s the only one I’ve tried.