Multi-CD installers for retroarch

How does lutris/retroarch handle games with multiple disks? I’ve got my old Final Fantasy VII and VIII disks that I was going to rip and use, but I couldn’t find any retroarch installers with multiple isos.

I’ve added them manually to my system retroarch installation using the disk control option, but I’d rather use Lutris as a launcher.

Could someone point me to an example installer with multiple disks? Thanks

I don’t think we have multi disc PSX installers. Also, I don’t know how we would handle that. I know Gnome Games has an option to switch between discs but I’m not sure there is an equivalent in Retroarch.

The only multi-disc thing we support right now is installing Wine games. There is an eject button in the installer dialog allowing you to switch between discs during the install.

Retroarch has an option to append disk images and you can assign a key to switch between them.

I’ve used it for Final Fantasy games in the past by manually adding the three iso files.

It sounds like this doesn’t exist in Lutris yet, but could possibly be implemented? Maybe the installer could use a custom retroarch config, with the multiple disks included? The installer could ask for, and copy, all the required isos rather than just the one?

Yes! This is something I absolutely want to implement in Lutris!

The less research, I’ll have to do about it, the faster it will be released, so Github issues, hints about which config values are affected and anything related to this are all welcome.

(Also, your screenshot reminds me I have to update our Retroarch build)