MTGAPro Tracker: XamlParseException

Hey mates!

I tried to run MTGAPro Tracker for Magic: The Gathering - Arena. The game itself runs fine, but I don’t get this tool to run.

When running via console, this whole stacktrace (from start until the process crashes). Is there some component I am missing or what can I do about it?

That sounds like something overly complicated to get to run…

What I’d try to do would be start a virtual desktop, run MTGA and run MTGA Pro in the same environment. If you start them both separately I don’t think one will see the other.

I have never done that, but I feel like that would be one path.

Nope, gives me the same error :x

IMPORTANT! Program needs .NET 4.6.2 or higher to work.
On their page.

So… install winetricks dotnetfx462? (or 472 or whatever is available)

Yeah baby!

Wine issue. Report to

Just to be sure: This means this problem cannot be solves with any WINE version up to now?

Gonna open a bug report, thanks for your help!