[MTGA Pro Tracker] How to get it to run?

Hi folks!

I’m hooked on Magic the Gathering: Arena and there is a Pro Tracker program, which keeps track of your cards.

This is the website of the app: MTGA Pro Tracker

I installed the program inside the game’s wine prefix (I used Lutris’ “run EXE inside wine prefix” and run the .msi installer which is provided at their GitHub), but when trying to run it, I get an error. This is the whole stacktrace/console output.

Unfortunatelly when I DuckDuckGo this error, I can’t find anything on how to resolve it. Is it somehow possible to get it running?

Usually your first step is to find out what the program requirements are first. Then google getting those requirements to run in a wine instance. Get the program requirements solved first.

As far as I’m consered this is the only requirement they tell about on the website: “IMPORTANT! Program needs .NET 4.6.2 or higher to work.”

And this is what I’ve installed: Screenie

I don’t know which version of the lutris script you used for install. But the current version is using .NET 4.7.2 so this should be enough.

However, I was also not able to get this to run. When I run it, I see the windows bar coming up with a new instance of a program, but shortly after it simply closes.

I am not a WINE pro so I have no idea how to fix this. I also don’t know how to debug that kind of stuff. :confused:
Maybe someone else can help out?

This is my console output:

I use the Lotus Tracker for Win directly into the wine prefix and it runs very well compared to all the other trackers I tested in the past. It’s minimal but it has everything you need in order to track your decks/draft and results.

Give it a try, it doesn’t need any dependency at all :slight_smile:

Hi ingenius,

i give it a try and it runs on my Linux Build, but it does nothing ingame :frowning:

do i have to config something?

best regards