MTGA Ongoing Installer / Updates Debacle

MTGA players will be aware of the issues arising weekly, if not more often some weeks, when WotC update the client. The installer maintainer does a great job but re-installing every time is tedious.

I have some questions. I will point out up front - I am not well versed in Wine (I use Lutris and let it do all the work) and know very little about Windows these days.

Q1. When was the last time someone knowledgeable and wine-savvy tested the “normal” installer and update mechanism? Can this not be used again yet?

Q2. In the threads under the installer page no-one seems to mention the .msp (patch) file. Do we need to completely reinstall every single time? (I got the .msp to work once in the past but never since then). The official WotC information directs users of the .msi version to use the .msp after an initial .msi install.

Q3. Not only for MTGA but for others too - can Lutris scripts be updaters and not just installers? Could this be a way to at least make it a bit more user-friendly for us?

Suggestion/request: can the threads under the installer be tidied up? Perhaps a more prominent link to the forum could be added to mitigate the number of people using the Issues section as a forum, including pasting masses of logs and not closing their posts? A link to the forum at the top of the screen would seem to make sense instead of hiding it away at the bottom where it can take a lot of scrolling before someone would spot it.

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My first question was actually whether we can automate updating the install script based on the version information. Often enough I had to manually edit / reinstall, which was a really rough experience. I’m not really sure how the moderation process works.

But you also raise very important questions. I’m sitting in hotel wireless waiting 50 minutes for a reinstall, after the first reinstall was using an outdated version again. Unfortunately it kind of sounds like re-implementing an updater based on the online version / installed version. I’m not sure how many quirks this has to consider.

There’s also the related unsolved issue of updating the game upon starting Lutris tracked at