MTGA my new PC setup; and it still wont work

just a while ago i tried playing MTGA on my Lenovo Thinkpad x220 and it ddnt work, dont know if i could have tweaked that out or not, but i got stuck at ‘DirectX 11’ after undergoing whole vulkan installation …

SO… i got myself some PC parts and built my first own pc since 2010, i have those things here (and im already running this machine using Linux Lite):

*Asrock N68C-S
*Athlon II 4X 640
*GeForce GTX 570 [MSA edition ‘Twin Frozr III’]

…now guess what?! …stuck at the ‘DirectX 11’ thing again >.> …

can someone please commend on my idiocracy^^

Are you talking about magic the gathering arena? And is the directx 11 install failing? Lil more detail.

Yes, its that game you mention.
I installed MTGA through Lutris and it did all those wine and gecko things while doing so.
Afterwards it would tell me im missing vulkan, so i installed vulkan via vulkan-mesa tools and so on (just the common terminal input for vulkan, three or four softwares)
So now i want to run MTGA and it would stop after launching the game updater saying im missing direct x11.
I did not try to install direct x11; i checked inside winetricks like i read somewhere, but i couldnt find it there…