MTGA Captures Mouse in Virtual Desktop

I’ve been using MTGA under just Wine staging for awhile, but wanted to give the Lutris wrapper a try because someone mentioned it allowed the app to update correctly.

I’ve got it installed and launching properly, but when running in a virtual desktop under the Lutris wrapper I cannot mouse freely in / out of the virtual desktop the game is contained in. Under normal Wine staging this is not the behavior I see, so I assume some setting is set causing this somewhere?

The game has a few bugs if you don’t use those options. For instance, some cards become unclickable and you slowly lose the ability to play your match.

In the mode it’s set right now, I’m pretty sure you can alt+tab in and out of the game. I suggest trying mouse solutions BEFORE getting into matches. I remember a case where I couldn’t even navigate through the game menus because clicks wouldn’t register.

I’ve logged hundreds of hours under Wine staging with no added changes on MTGA under a virtual desktop with zero issues.

I can alt+tab out of the lutris build, but this disrupts my normal workflow greatly while streaming MTGA.

Go into wine config and uncheck the first option under the Graphics tab.