MTGA bug video

So far I played MTGA without problems on my Debian 10 distribution, but yesterday I had to reformat and install its version 12. As it was requested after the installation of Lutris, I installed Vulkan386. I managed to install MTGA, but the display bug. As you can see the static panels (home, profile, etc) work perfectly well, however in the other sections to play the bug starts (I recorded the bug so that you can see, because it’s hard to describe):

My drivers graphic are mesa-intel. When I launch MTGA by the Lutris interface everything launches perfectly, while if I launch it by Lutris -d it crashes. I leave you the report:

I also disabled/enabled DXVK, Winetricks, etc. but nothing changes.

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem? Do you have any idea where the problem comes from, and how can I fix it?

Infinitely, thank you in advance…