MTG Arena - Wont launch

I installed mtg arena, self updating version from lutris website,

The game has been successfully installed, but the launcher hangs right after start.

This is wine log:

It seems to be stun in an infinite loop, trying to download a file which fails every time from some reason that is not logged.

1203439 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Attempt 13 to get the Remote version file from:
1262838 [3] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Adding message to queue: clientID:5f3bc3e1-c4ec-4dcc-9887-972b70cc8a1e environmentID:Prod region: logLevel:Info sourceType:Installer messageType:ReinstallData details:{
“sessID”: “03f93d67-45ca-4e8e-a6a7-f624cba74d26”,
“ping”: “2020-10-14T18:21:17.1012462Z”
1262860 [7] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Sending Message: {“MessageType”:“ReinstallData”,“RegionId”:"",“Details”:{“sessID”:“03f93d67-45ca-4e8e-a6a7-f624cba74d26”,“ping”:“2020-10-14T18:21:17.1012462Z”}}
1262860 [7] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Message Length: 143

So i managed to solve it, right after posting this.

My issue was that the wine image which is provided by lutris was missing winhttp, I solved it by installing the library into wine.