MTG Arena stopped working again

Hello, it was working ok until yesterday. Today I get a pop-up saying:

Something went awry while we were trying to check for updates. Please try again, and contact Magic: The Gathering Arena support if the problem persists. Error Code: Config: -2146233088

I’ve tried removing the game and reinstalling, it installed fine but the error is still there.

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I just tried it and it worked.

Yesterday, instead of starting the game right away, it opened the patcher and did some update to version “1004_somenumbers”.

I can only recommend removing the entire wineprefix and trying to install again, but since you already did it, I’m clueless.

I’m having the same problem; one day it worked fine, and when I tried to open it the next day the error happened. Uninstalling and reinstalling did nothing. Somewhere in the process of purging and reinstalling every Lutris and Wine thing I could find it started working again, and earlier today I accidentally pressed alt+q instead of alt+tab and now the problem is there again.

Also experiencing this error. Tried fresh install and no luck. Have had MTGA working for the last 2 months no problem in Lutris until yesterdays update.

I’m having this issue as well.

What Wine version are y’all using? Please stick to tkg-mtga-3.21 it’s supposed to fix this. If that’s the version then this is something Wine has to fix.

I had the same problem with the default wine version (tkg-mtga-3.21-x86_64) and changed and changed to newest I had (4.0-rc2 staging) and it worked. Might want to try running on somewhat recent version for now until they fix it in Lutris.

I wish I found this thread earlier ! I had the same issue and solved it using wine 4.0rc7-staging from wineHQ.

The underlying issue was using an older GnuTLS version in the wine mtga version, which lead to connection issues to the update servers. I guess the freeze before the 4.0 wine release meant that the GnuTLS version was not updated recently.

I switched my install to the 4.0 release version through the Lutris WINE runners, and I keep getting the “gcThreadContext” error as I’m downloading the update files. Currently only 2 files remaining, one of which keeps not completing. Unsure if I need to keep brute-forcing this, as I have had to relaunch the game like 10 times now just to get most of the update content downloaded.

Would really appreciate an updated Lutris build script for this :frowning:

And of course next attempt downloaded the last 2 files, so far so good.

For updates I sometimes use the system option of running on a single core. Of course it’s not usable for the game itself, but to download the files I feel like it avoids some issues. Once download is complete, I quit the game, remove the option and relaunch.

The generic problem with updates was that Mono apparently timed out. The tkg-mtga version of lutris has a timeout timer 10x bigger than regular, that’s why that was the version adopted.

I’ve been through a few updates and the client seems to finally be reaching a good point for Linux+Wine!