MTG Arena is outdated client on lutris. WHat can i do?

hi guys i have a problem. i installed MTG Arena with Lutris and when i want to login it says, that i have to update due to campatibility because my client is outdatetd. but i installed it again and it didnt work either! do you guys have tghe same problem?

Yeah the current script points to an older msi file.

If you go to and then instead of ‘Install’ click on ‘Show unpublished installers’ you can install the one from two days ago and it should work again.


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I don’t see ‘Show unpublished installers’, Only Edit, Fork, View and Download.

It’s not on Install button, it’s above.

I only see screenshots just above. Maybe I don’t have access to it. If I do, could you be more precise ?

Now I see it below, sorry.

Thank you very much for this solution (haven’t tried it yet but it sounds good).
Is it correct that you always have to download an entire new client instead of just updating the older one?