Monitor cable error

I’m playing guild wars 2 with d9vk.
I have made a profile a few months ago with tkg-wine 4.6 (without any more in description)
this custom profile works without a problem when the game is set to 120Hz refresh rate. the display works @120Hz according to monitor panel info.
Now creating another custom profile for the same game with the very same wine version i’m getting error message on monitor that says that the cable is wrong for this monitor.
I’ve tried even the new installer with d9vk and i’m getting the same result.
I’ve tried this on both linuxmint (where the 1st install still work perfectly fine) and also on arch linux. both has the same issue.
Running the game with wine-tkg buld from pkbuild git i get the same error.
so the only profile that works is the one that i created in linuxmint in the beginning of d9vk.
Any suggestion how to find out what is so different about that profile that gives no error to the monitor?