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Mod Organizer 2 - SKyrim SE

the install works great and i suppose everything is like it should be.
What i am wondering is this.
How does MO2 work in this environment?
Does it open up like on Windows where i can add mods or does it just start Skyrim?

I chose to run MO2 via Steam and if i add the game id it just starts up Skyrim. No screen to add mods of any kind.
What is the best way to do that? Or did i do something wrong? I just think i am not understanding it correctly.

I have this running on Manjaro XFCE. Though i think it probably does not matter.
I do get that you have one instance for each mod profile.
Do you need to run it as Wine instance?

I really would like to start modding my Skyrim again.

Thank you

p.s. does CK run under Linux as well?

I didnt use it so i dont know but this is how i did it.

You need to install vcredist to make it run i used the EXE version wish you can download from this link. vc_redist.x64.exe i also installed NET Framework 4.8, but i don’t think you need to, but if you want, then you can download it here. NET Framework 4.8

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