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Mod Organizer 2 could not find Proton

I installed Mod Organizer 2, chose skyrim special edition and then I put the launcher on lutris. When I push play I get Error Could not find Proton. Check terminal output for details. I am not even sure how to put proton with mod organizer 2

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are you using the EXE or starting in Steam with lutris. if you use the program as a Standalone outside steam you may need to install Proton-Wine or open it with steam in proton.

right kick on Mod Organizer 2 in lutris and say config under wine choose the Skyrim Prefix in the steam folder. should look something like this .steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/489830/ and see if that helps.

thank you I will do that. I will do that after I reinstall Mod Organizer 2, I admit got frustrated that it wouldn’t launch. I am now trying to install Mod Organizer 2 but it now says that Skyrim Special Edition is not installed on steam when it is.

If I were to use MO through steam how would I do that. Would I have steam to add it as a non steam game? Trying to find a guide on how to do that

I have never used it, so it took me some time to understand how it works i live-stream it simultaneously so you can see what i did, and I hope it helps you too.

You need to install vcredist to make it run i used the EXE version wish you can download from this link. vc_redist.x64.exe i also installed NET Framework 4.8, but i don’t think you need to, but if you want, then you can download it here. NET Framework 4.8