Missing wine versions

Im new, I just installed lutris, I would like to ask you, if I go to manage wine versions, Im pretty lost, there are names of wine versions that I never seen, but it is not my problem, I think there are missing some versions, for example newest version is 4.18 and it is no here, there is only 4.3 wine, and lot of “lutris” wines, I don’t know what does it mean.

And I can find proton :frowning:

At the left side of the Lutris widget you see all the active runners. There you should see WINE and WINE Steam. When you click on the little cog wheel thingy beside those you get the configuration widget for the runner. The WINE runner contains all WINE versions available. WINE Steam also contains the Proton versions. This is because Proton is managed by Steam.

To know which version works well with your game, look at the game information page at the Lutris site or the game page at AppDB to see which version users recommend.

The WINE runner config lets users select the versions they want to use. For this window you have to click on the other icon which is next to the configuration button.