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Missing dxvk_versions.json

My dxvk_versions.json file disappeared from the lutris/runtime/ folder… I already tried deleting dxvk folder and restarting Lutris (as specified here), and the folder appears again empty, without the file inside.

I also found that you could previously download the file from a link (as specified here), but I get a 403 “forbidden access” error, so I suppose the link does not work anymore.

Is there any workaround for this?

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I managed to solve it, I’ll write it down for future notice (I’m not an expert):

When I reinstalled Wine, dxvk was removed from the Wine registry and Lutris was not able to find it. I reinstalled dxvk (it added itself to the Wine registry automatically) and restarted Lutris. The dxvk_versions.json was created properly.

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