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How to install this in lutris to work with games?


Hi! Better run it with java - look here


i tried to copy my addons from windows to the linux drive under lutris but it didnt seem to work that way


Addons for which game ? WoW or ESO ?


eso. do you know the path?

it was easier getting my controller working


You have installed game by Lutris ? Or just copied it from windows ?


installed with lutris

was trying to copy the addons from windows though

do you know the path to copy them to?


Oh, i don`t have it installed now on my laptop, but it locates somewhere inside the game-folder - almost same as windows addon-folder location. Just check “my documents” folders inside ESO folder.


in the end it doesnt matter. on my 2400g ryzen 5 its not really playable. i feel drunk trying to move around. back to windows at least until i get a discrete gpu


found the path. no worries.


You’re welcome