Migrating from fedora 28 to Fedora 29 (Wine Update)

Hi, Here is something important i will share for Fedora users upgrading from 28 to 29.

If you are using wine repo of fedora 29 and removed fedora 28 repo. The wine-staging should update fine after running sudo dnf update

On the winehq site it says sudo dnf install winehq-staging instead of wine-staging the repo contains both the packages and winehq-staging will conflict with wine-core installed on the system.
So i recommend using wine-staging instead of winehq-staging both are same and will provide wine staging on the system.

Lutris is not now available from the fedora packages itself so you can safely remove the lutris repo as it will probably be no longer updated instead use the lutris from the system repos. Simply remove lutris sudo dnf remove lutris, remove the repository using software centre or disable it. and then again run sudo dnf install lutris it will have your games so dont worry you will not loose your games because you still have the folder by default “games” in your home directory so lutris will sync automaticaly. And Vulkan 0.91 is the latest at this time so go to runner options and update it as its working nicely now. :slight_smile: