Migrating existing install files to a new system?

I’m going to be scratching my existing workstation (Ubuntu 18.04) and installing Ubuntu 19.04 clean. I will be backing up my /home directory, which includes all my Lutris-installed games. Googling around hasn’t turned up a HOWTO for restoring my game installs without completely reinstalling the games - is there a howto somewhere out there I missed?

Thanks in advance!

Under Linux migrating applications and files is much easier than it is on Windows. If you’ve backed up your home directory, copying that over should be all you need to do, other than reinstalling the necessary packages. You probably won’t even have to reinstall your Lutris shortcuts.

I moved from “Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS” to “MX Linux 18.3 Continuum” last week. I did a backup using “Aptik” https://teejeetech.in/aptik/
Once I had MX Linux up, I just installed “Aptik” from the stable repo and restored my backup with it. All my game settings copied back fine.

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