Migrating a lutris libarary

Hey all,
So I am trying to migrate my lutris library. Here is the situation:

  1. I have a separate partition with all my games installed
  2. I have installed a new distro.
  3. I have copied my old /home on a backup
  4. I have copied over my old .config/lutris to the new /home

There are several games from the old install that I never added to my online lutris account (GoG install scripts). I don’t want to have to re add all these games/destinations to the new install. Is there a way to make lutris load the old .yml files I copied to the new .config or am I going about this the wrong way?

I think you got it right. Don’t forget to copy the contents of ~/.local/share/lutris as well, that contains the local library.

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** Facepalm ** Was wondering where all those banner images were stored…

@strider Thank you, that did the trick!

P.S.l Thank you for everything you do here. I don’t think you receive enough credit for this one fine piece of software and for being SUPER active in your community. Your building something awesome here. You deserve a nice salary, but all I can afford is to pitch in on the beer money :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, hope u be fine, does this works to backup the entire configuration? the installed runners, each game profile itselfs, its game file location, parameters, etc.?, cause i’m currently planning to upgrade at the next stable os version release and i wouldn’t like to miss all those configurations, thanks and i just want to make sure of it, thanks again, regards.

P.S.: U are great god bless u.