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Migrating a lutris libarary


Hey all,
So I am trying to migrate my lutris library. Here is the situation:

  1. I have a separate partition with all my games installed
  2. I have installed a new distro.
  3. I have copied my old /home on a backup
  4. I have copied over my old .config/lutris to the new /home

There are several games from the old install that I never added to my online lutris account (GoG install scripts). I don’t want to have to re add all these games/destinations to the new install. Is there a way to make lutris load the old .yml files I copied to the new .config or am I going about this the wrong way?


I think you got it right. Don’t forget to copy the contents of ~/.local/share/lutris as well, that contains the local library.


** Facepalm ** Was wondering where all those banner images were stored…

@strider Thank you, that did the trick!

P.S.l Thank you for everything you do here. I don’t think you receive enough credit for this one fine piece of software and for being SUPER active in your community. Your building something awesome here. You deserve a nice salary, but all I can afford is to pitch in on the beer money :stuck_out_tongue: