Metal Gear Solid games from GOG

Konami just recently dropped Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on GOG. but despite being dropped for PC, there are issues with the games.

Metal Gear

This game runs in fullscreen, and has no configurable options to switch to windowed mode unless enabling Virtual Desktop.

Metal Gear Solid

This game runs in fullscreen mode with no way to change to windowed mode, unless you enable Virtual Desktop, but also changes the desktop display to low resolution when in fullscreen. Also plays laggy just watching intro scene or on main menu. Changing the video display options to either Software or GPU doesn’t seem to do a whole lot, and provides limited screen resolutions.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Like Metal Gear Solid, fullscreen no way to change to windowed mode, unless Virtual Desktop is enabled. Appears to crash while starting up with a page fault on read access. Doesn’t seem to matter what version of Wine I’m running when the crash happens, was using Wine (Staging 5.16).

One thing to note about these games is that when they force change your desktop resolution, it doesn’t set it back to its original setting after closing.

Following this pretty much works - the game had been previously available way back when, and all the necessities still apply. On my system applying
winetricks dsound directmusic dsdmo quartz

Made it run well. With an MGS2 V’s Fix the controller works without issues too.

I found out that the Xbox controller (under the xow driver and the Microsoft wireless dongle) might not work anymore if the MGS2 V’s Fix is installed.

Solution for me has been to select Xbox controller in the V’s Fix settings and to enable x360ce as follows:

The mapping might be wrong though, and I’ll try to change it probably.