Mega Man Legends (PC) crashes on launch (on Arch)

That installer was published 2 months ago. It does not work for me, it just shows a white square in the top left of a black window for a second before crashing. I am using Arch Linux. Here is my output.


Any ideas?

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Turns out it works on Ubuntu 20.04 just fine. (Well, besides hijacking my cursor even when the virtual desktop is in the background, and without the virtual desktop, the game crashes when I alt-tab back to it…) So the crash at launch has something to do with the libraries on Arch Linux, I guess.

Too bad my machine that runs Ubuntu uses an Nvidia card, otherwise I’d test if this works better in Wayland. Oh well.

EDIT: also, I have all the packages listed here and here installed

I also have Arch and so far I have not ran in any incompatibility. You made a wayland comment, did you try in Arch running on X environment?

I know there is some Wayland support for X applications but it might be one of thos exceptions.

After reading this, I just decided to emulate the PSX version. The Windows version seems to be a downgrade. Playing it now in RetroArch.

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Lighting and music is better in PSX, I guess it turned out for the better