Mechwarrior 5

Im currently superhyped for the new upcoming MW game and wouldnt want to install windows just for that.
My question in general is: how big of a hazzle is it to make a game designed for windows work under linux? im a bit experienced when it comes to linux but not in things like these.

A shitton of trial and error. Install, failed to install, look at logs, install winetricks, installed, launch, won’t launch, look at logs, install winetricks, still won’t launch, look at logs, install more winetricks etc. etc.

You just kind of pray it works sometimes. And you better hope games don’t have any anticheat (EAC/BattlEye) or else everything you just did will be all for nothing.

DXVK made it much easier to get games playing (e.g. Sekiro) but setup installers and launchers are still a hassle. They almost always require .NET 4+ which takes a while to install via winetricks.

Well, we cant expect the devs of the game to actually lend us a hand and help us?

necroposting, yadayada… yea I know.

that said… no, we probably can’t expect devs to give us a hand with their games because we’re not their target audience. There’s a few exceptions to this rule but in general, no, we’re screwed for support.

MW5 worked for me right on release day. I’m not sure why anyone is screwed.

It did however have a crash problem that some Windows users experience as well which was annoying enough for me to play it on Windows instead because I don’t have the problem there.

But, it might be gone today or not, or there’s a way to fix it or not. That I don’t know. Right now, I’m playing other games though so not looking into it any further.

I don’t care about necroposting. Some people have the idea of make a new post but then duplication happens which is just stupid.

Super necro posting,

anyone have any setting recommendations ? I am getting only about 9fps on a GTX1060 mobile with a 6700hq laptop. I am trying to play it via the epic game store and DXVK.

any help appreciated, thanks

doh should have given more info:
Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome
Nvidia 450.66
16GB Ram
Tried Lutris default and GloriousEggroll 5.9

Necro posting as well. Been playing Mechwarrior 5 for a while now and I’m enjoying it so far. The only bug I’ve encountered is an audio bug that makes the music play over itself. Incidentally, if new players would like to know which assault 'Mechs are worth having, feel free to have a look.

I’ve made a review for Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries for people still unsure about the game. Hopefully, this can help make up their minds. Also, here’s the 10 best non hero 'Mechs according to my personal tastes.

If ever you guys need some tips about the weapons in the game, feel free to take a look at this guide for the best weapons. And you might need to know more about the factions in Mechwarrior 5.