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Mechwarrior 5


Im currently superhyped for the new upcoming MW game and wouldnt want to install windows just for that.
My question in general is: how big of a hazzle is it to make a game designed for windows work under linux? im a bit experienced when it comes to linux but not in things like these.


A shitton of trial and error. Install, failed to install, look at logs, install winetricks, installed, launch, won’t launch, look at logs, install winetricks, still won’t launch, look at logs, install more winetricks etc. etc.

You just kind of pray it works sometimes. And you better hope games don’t have any anticheat (EAC/BattlEye) or else everything you just did will be all for nothing.

DXVK made it much easier to get games playing (e.g. Sekiro) but setup installers and launchers are still a hassle. They almost always require .NET 4+ which takes a while to install via winetricks.


Well, we cant expect the devs of the game to actually lend us a hand and help us?