Marvel's Midnight Sun

Anyone get Marvel’s Midnight Sun working via Lutris? Specifically Epic Games Launcher version.


NB: Even though I got it working via bypassing Epic & 2K Launcher all together. I still like to “clock” gameplay time via Epic Launcher.

Got the game working via Heroic… but I made game run via Proton… and running alternative exe game instead of it’s 2K launcher exe.

I guess Epic will always find ways to make it harder for Linux gamers… I’m only using it for the giveaways, I find paying for games on Epic too risky for a Linux user. But I guess we’re on the same boat here – I’ve taken the Marvel’s Midnight Suns giveaway on Epic a few days ago, too. :smiley: I just didn’t have the time to try it out yet. So thanks for the advice!