Mark games as Open Source on Lutris website

It would be a nice addition to know which games are open source and freely available. Can we have a checkbox on the website when new games are submitted? (Would it make sense to have a text field to specify the licence, too?)

This gives the user the opportunity to search specifically for games that are free and can be installed using Lutris.

What do you think?

We have checkboxes in the admin and we use them when we review submitted games. But yes, we should add them to the public submission form, as well as display the information on the game descriptions. What you can do for now though, is filter the game list (see Advanced Search below the search bar on the Games page) with only libre games.

Thanks for the reply! You are right. It’s in the advanced search. How could I missed this filtering option - strange.

But adding it to the public submission form is a good idea. Then, you admins have a bit less work. :wink:

Adding the checkboxes to the game submission form would be nice indeed but the real missing thing is adding an indicator on the game details page showing those flags.