Manually installed game problems - with sound, no visual

Hi, I tried installing a windows based game (The Librarian - from and it did install, but the thing is, it has audio but no visual. After a few seconds the sound stops and the black window stays there forever. I’ve tried changing the wine config, going from the default W7 to W10 but didn’t change anything. Changed the wine prefix, and the same thing. Any idea of what I can do to fix it?


Tried to run it in default wineprefix, worked alright.
Using system Wine install, version 4.1.
The prefix is 64-bit, created (and used) as Win7.
Have dotnet472 installed via Winetricks (most likely relevant as games containing an *.exe file and a *_Data folder with the same prefix are Unity games and thus probably use it).
Running from Lutris failed at first, but started working as well after I disabled Optimus in the game settings.