Manjaro just about fresh install -weird sound problems

Hi. I’ve installed Lutris from the official repositories on the latest release of Manjaro Gnome. I’ve just set up this system, and while I’ve done a lot of setup of different programs etc, I’ve got this problem where Lutris doesn’t seem to want to output any sound despite every other program I have working nicely.

I’ve checked in pavucontrol (also installed from the official repositories), and I have 3 different audio devices; the hdmi audio from the GPU, the integrated audio, and the audio which I’m trying to use, which is my bluetooth headphones.

When I launch Fallout 2 in Lutris (via wine from the GOG installers section of lutris), Lutris strangely seems to just go and turn on the HDMI audio output of the GPU, even though I disabled it in pavucontrol.

This is repeatable behaviour, and it makes me think there’s some problem where Lutris isn’t able to make use of my bluetooth headphones for some reason.

Has anyone else had problems like this? Perhaps I’m missing some dependencies or need to do some extra configuration to get Lutris to work with my bluetooth headphones?

Steam games seem to work. Half-Life 2 and Fallout 2 are both fine on Steam. The problem seems to be some issue with the way Lutris is set up.

After having played around with Manjaro some more and experiencing all sorts of weirdness with the package manager, it seems to me that I probably had some packages missing from my audio somewhere.
Having re-installed Manjaro I seem to be having no problems with sound now.
I don’t have any more in depth information about how to solve the problem so far though unfortunately.