"Manifest error. If the problem Persists, please repair your installation. (0xE0050100)"

Every time I try to start Overwatch, I recieve this error. This error only shows up when I run the game through lutris, either through the launcher or by selecting overwatch.exe.

If I try to run Overwatch.exe by clicking on it in Nautilus, it just works. I’m really not sure what the problem with lutris is. I would prefer to use Lutris as it makes it a lot easier to launch the game, and change wine versions, easy sandboxing etc.
I am using Debian Buster, and have all the dependencies listed on the github page for both Battlenet and Overwatch. I would give a diagnostic output thing, but I don’t know how to.

If anyone is reading this, and has the same problem as I do, here’s what I did.
I deleted everything from ~/Games/overwatch directory (with the exception of the c_drive directory). Then I copied everything from ~/.wine (again, with the exception of c_drive) into ~/Games/overwatch.

And it just worked.