MAME Roms & Lutris

Good morning, everyone,
Where can I find Mames roms compatible with lutris?
Thank you in advance.

That does not make sense - you are only running the MAME.exe, not the roms.
Mame will find all your roms (if they are in the correct Rom folder)

If mame is running everything else should work. But here is a good place to find roms =)

There are still people that are playing MAME games and I’m glad that i see that. I play MAME games and there are couple of good websites that offers MAME games you should try it like :

Never came to my mind that in 2021 I will still play MAME ROMs on my PC, still think that these are all-time vintage never getting bored games.

Why would you not use a native build of MAME to your OS over the Windows version? It’s not too hard to compile it from source. Heck, some distros even provide precompiled builds if you have the right repos!