Make it easier to collaborate on install scripts

I play games and I’m a software dev. I see a lot of games that have issues and I’d like to be able to submit fixes for them, but the Lutris website seems to lock down any kind of collaboration.

For example, the Magic Arena page ( has locked installer creation, so there’s nothing I can do to fix problems except post in the comments and hope someone does it for me. Of course, I can download and run the script myself, but I want everyone to benefit. I thought that was the whole point of OSS.

The installer creation is restricted for some games because there would be a lot of bad submissions from trolls or unexperienced people otherwise.
If you you have an improvement for the installer you can hop on the Lutris discord and talk to someone there.

Basically what Medath said. I’ve been maintaining it with the help of another mod but I don’t play it. There’s a plan to add game maintainers but that’s a ways off. I’ll make a backup of the script so it doesn’t get vandalized and open it up. If you want to maintain it be my guest. :grinning:

This is exactly what I’m talking about though. Having to find and chat to you guys on Discord isn’t conducive to community involvement (although I’m sure you’re lovely to talk to :grin:).

Is there not a PR-like system to submit fixes/edits which can then get approved by the admins (or, if you wanted, if they got approved by enough registered users)? This would protect against the bad submissions but still allow easy contributions. I think GitHub PRs are the model to aspire to, honestly.