Make a page like proton db for lutris

I would find much use with a page like proton db for lutris. This way I can get feedback from users about tweaks. Or just add the proton features to reviews, stuff like hw specifications.

Their format is incredible in a UX perspective, but Lutris kinda already has this. If you take a look at this game, for example ( it has Platinum rating and, if you’re logged in, you can see people’s feedbacks about the scripts and certain workarounds.

How can I participate is this rating system?

Also, do you think there’s a place in lutris for adding hw specifications? (In the ratings)

Lutris has a different approach in rating.

Rating is made by the script developer, because they can assess the state of the game and the required workarounds to make a ‘catch all’ install script. Proton stuff, for example, don’t allow winetricks in their install scripts, Lutris does.

This way, rating is done when you publish an install script.

There’s no place for hardware specifications, so that would be a good improvement.

The problem with ProtonDB’s hardware specs at the moment is that they’re not made into statistics. You can’t tell 100% nvidia users can play some game while 100% amd users get bronze ratings, or similar.

Interesting :stuck_out_tongue: