Magic: the Gathering Arena doesn't seem to update

So, I’m currently re-installing the game for fifth (?) time. Whenever they patch the game it seems our version is unable to download the patch.

I tried switching the executable from MTGA.exe to the mtglaucher.exe which I believe worked the first time around (my memory might be corrupted on this) but not since.

This issue has been adressed in this thread I created and I’ve personally looked a bit into it on the Wine bugzilla page where they identified the error as “(suspension of Mono-managed threads sometimes exceed 100ms)”.

The discussion is that MTGA uses a ‘really old version of Mono’, the patch downloaded, and so these errors are frequent. The Launcher, also based on mono, doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend downloading new version, that’s why we always have to reinstall MTGA.

Our ideal solution would be to always use the launcher and always patch over there, but whenever a new patch comes, Mono probably has to download a newer launcher.exe thing and fails, giving us that error message.

If you want to go further into the discussion, you can probably check that Bugzilla page.