Just a loose question, but has anyone put any work towards a macports release of Lutris? If not, would anyone be opposed to me doing so?

I’m jumping off of my linux box for a while and going completely to my macs to focus on things that I have pretty much ignored doing for quite a while. Thats why I ask.

Anyways, thanks!


No, not at all! Good luck with that (laughs maniacally) :japanese_goblin:

i’d really like it if lutris was cross platform, its a very useful program

I believe no Windows or Mac developer finds Lutris useful enough, otherwise we would have seen a port by now.

Welp I have work to do then!

I’m sure having cross platform compatibility will have good consequences for the overall architecture of the project :slight_smile:

I don’t want to necrobump, but I don’t see any reason to start a new thread with a question when there’s already a post discussing this (although it is 1+ year old now).

Has there been any progress in a Mac port? I can see that @3ncod3d hasn’t been online since he/she posted this, so I’m guessing he/she pretty much gave up.

Also, @strider, can you shed some light on why you reacted the way you did when @3ncod3d suggested that he/she would try working on a Mac port? Is it really difficult to do so, or is it just more of a “no one on Mac is interested” thing?

I see people on Mac/wine gaming subs ask for something like Lutris all the time, so I’ve always wondered why no one has made something like this yet. Just the frontend part would be great (like Launchbox on Windows), so far, the closest I have seen is Porting Kit.

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Windows also have game launchers like playnite but they aren’t as good as lutris. Thank you strider for making lutris as I was trying to use steam for the same purpose on windows. Lutris just does everything about 10x better than using frontends like ICE and steam rom manager.