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Lutris won't run/launch

Hello, after installing wine and Lutris by the official instructions the program just wouldn’t start. I’m running Parrot OS debian based. After trying to launch Lutris it starts loading but then stops and nothing happens.
When opening in the terminal there is process running but unfortunately without any outcome or error. Wine seems to be working fine and I also succesfully istalled the nvidia drivers.

I’ve tried reinstalling but still the same problem, strangely no error.

Thanks for help

Can you send output of lutris -d ?

every time after I try to run it nothing happens

Can you post output of lutris --submit-issue ?

Write that you are having troubles launching lutris and copy the contents of generated file to and send link here.

Have you tried clearing lutris configs in .local/share/lutris(or you can rename lutris folder if you had ran any games previously in it)?.

It’s a fresh install, did not run any games yet

Before you run lutris -d you have to stop any existing instances of Lutris. You might have to find processes with the system monitor or pgrep if you don’t see any windows. After all Lutris processes are stopped, you can try lutris -d again.

Also, as LithuaniaChemist said, please do complete the “Submit an issue” form, post the output at, and share a link here.